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Dow Corning Silicone Diffusion Pump Fluid

MT-700 Series Silicone Fluids

MT Series may be used as drop in replacement for the DC Series. DC Series and MT Series may be mixed.

Inert PFPE (Ausimont)

Inert PFPE (DuPont)

Krytox PFPE Vacuum Grease/Oils








LVP 228*
GPL 202
GPL 203

GPL 204
GPL 205

GPL 206
GPL 207

GPL 223

GPL 224
GPL 225
GPL 226

GPL 227
GPL 228






EG 2000
EG 3000

*Krytox LVP 228 is no longer available. Krytox XHT-ACX is equivalent. Specifications are available.

Hydrocarbon Oil
MVT-20 Grade
19 Grade
Flushing Oil

Dow Corning
Silicone High Vacuum Grease

Polyphenyl Ether Diffusion Pump Fluid


Synthetic Ester
Octoil S


Cryopump Parts 
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Diffusion Pump Fluids

Dow Corning DC-700 Series Silicone Diffusion Pump Fluids are the best choice for applications requiring high vacuum with fast pumping of large volumes of gas. They offer longer service life resulting in fewer oil changes, faster pumping and minimal back-streaming. Specifications

DC-702 General Purpose
(10-5 to 10-7 torr)
DC-704 High Vacuum
(10-5 to 10-8 torr)
DC-705 Ultra High Vacuum
(10-5 to 10-10 torr)

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MT-700 series diffusion vacuum pump oils are a widely used silicone based fluid capable of attaining medium to ultra-high vacuum. These fluids are functionally equivalent to the Dow Corning DC-700 Series.

The following grades of MT-700 silicone diffusion pump fluids are available:

MT-702 (Compare to DC-702)  (10-5 to 10-7 torr)

MT-704 (Compare to DC-704)  (10-5 to 10-8 torr) 

MT-705 (Compare to DC-705)  (10-5 to 10-10 torr)

If you are unable to locate the exact product to fit your application please contact Specialty Fluids.

MT Series may be used as drop in replacement for the DC Series.

DC Series and MT Series may be mixed.

Santovac is a polyphenyl ether diffusion pump fluid with extremely low vapor pressure capable of attaining 10E-10 torr range. An excellent choice when silicone fluids must be avoided. A double distilled version 5P Ultra is also available. Specifications

Santovac 5 Five ring polyphenyl ether (10-10 torr)

Santovac 5P Ultra Double distilled to reduce the light end fraction (10-10 torr)


Octoil is a vacuum distilled synthetic ester diffusion pump oil used in mass spectrometers, electron microscopes and other analytical instruments. Octoil S is the high purity version of Octoil. Specifications

Octoil Synthetic ester (10-7 torr)

Octoil S High purity synthetic ester (10-8 torr)


MVT-20 is a double distilled severely hydro-treated hydrocarbon oil. This fluid can be used in both diffusion and mechanical vacuum pumps. Specifications

MVT-20 Dual use hydrocarbon oil (10-7 torr trapped)


Mechanical Vacuum Pump Fluids

Fomblin Y-VAC is a totally inert vacuum pump oil used in high oxygen and/or corrosive environments. Fomblin is ideally suited for the harsh conditions encountered in semiconductor manufacturing operations. There are several viscosities of Fomblin YL-VAC available to meet most vacuum pump manufacturers requirements. Specifications

Fomblin Y06/6 Viscosity  64 (cSt @ 20C) 

Fomblin Y14/6 Viscosity 148 (cSt @ 20C) 

Fomblin Y16/6 Viscosity 168 (cSt @ 20C)  

Fomblin Y25/6 Viscosity 276 (cSt @ 20C) 


DuPont's Krytox vacuum pump fluid is slightly less expensive and is similar to the Fomblin PFPE fluids. Krytox is also available in several viscosities. Specifications

Krytox 1506 Viscosity  62 (cSt @ 20C) 

Krytox 1514 Viscosity 142 (cSt @ 20C) 

Krytox 1525 Viscosity 261 (cSt @ 20C)   


MVT-20  is a double distilled severely hydro-treated hydrocarbon oil. This fluid can be used in both diffusion and mechanical vacuum pumps. Excellent for direct drive and belt driven mechanical pumps. Specifications

MVT-20 Mechanical Pump Oil Viscosity 64 (cSt @ 40C) 


MTTW - Technical white is a molecularly distilled  hydrocarbon oil specifically engineered for corrosive or reactive service. Applications include vapor deposition, reactive sputtering and plasma etch. Specifications 

MVT-TW Mechanical Pump Oil Viscosity 56 (cSt @ 40C) 


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