Krytox 240AZ Grease

Krytox 240AZ Grease

Krytox 240AZ Grease


Krytox 240 AZ – MIL PRF-27617 Type I – Nato Number G-397

Krytox 240 AZ – Aerospace Grade Lubricant –  2 oz $245.00

Krytox 240 AZ – Aerospace Grade Lubricant –  8 oz  $850.00

Krytox 240 AZ – Aerospace Grade Lubricant –  .5kg  $1,515.00

Krytox 240 AZ – Aerospace Grade Lubricant –  .8kg  $2,355.00

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Krytox 240AZ: Mil Spec Aerospace Grease

Krytox 240AZ is the lubricant of choice for demanding conditions — high and low temperatures, extreme pressure, and harsh environments.


Krytox 240AZ: Product Specifications

    • Viscosity of Base Oil, ASTMD445, cSt, @20 oC or 68oF, 1540
    • Viscosity of Base Oil, ASTMD445, cSt, @38oC or 100oF, 502
    • Viscosity of Base Oil, ASTMD445, cSt, @99 oC or 210oF, 44
    • Viscosity of Base Oil, ASTMD445, cSt, @204 oC or 400oF,6.0
    • Vapor Pressure of Base Oil,Knudsen, torr, @ 38oC or 100oF, 6 x 10-8
    • Vapor Pressure of Base Oil,Knudsen, torr, @ 260oC or 500oF, 3 x 10-4
    • Pour Point of Base Oil, -30oC or -20oF
    • Texture,  Buttery
    • Penetration, ASTM, D217, 60 Strokes, 265-295
    • Mechanical Stability, ASTMD217, 10o,000 Stokes, No change
    • Grease Density, 25oC or 77oF, 1.93
    • Estimated Useful Range of Krytox 240AZ, -29-316oC or -20-550oF


Krytox 240AZ: Developed for Aerospace and Aviation

Krytox 240AZ  was developed with aerospace applications in mind.  Krytox™ lubricants were initially developed by DuPont in the early 1960s specifically for the precise and demanding lubrication needs of the aerospace industry. Krytox™ synthetic lubricants have since replaced hundreds of special-formula, hydrocarbon-based oils and greases throughout the aerospace and aviation industries, thanks to a long list of superior performance characteristics and certifications.

Suborbital, orbital and deep space flight – require ironclad reliability and lifetime lubrication for critical components that must operate flawlessly in high vacuum and extreme temperatures, as well as endure exposure to fuels, oxidizers and radiation.

Commercial, corporate and military aviation – demands safety, reliability and compliance with a wide range of precise military specifications, as well as reduced maintenance requirements.

Krytox™ aerospace greases are available in grades conforming to/applicable under:

      • MIL PRF-27617
      • CAGE Code No. 50JY2 (manufacturing)
      • CAGE Code No. 43S57 (business)
      • FSN, NSN #9150-01-008-0498
      • NATO #G-398


Krytox 240AZ: Advantages of an Aerospace Grade Lubricant

Krytox™ perfluoropolyether- (PFPE-) based oils and greases, including Krytox 240 AZ, provide a remarkable list of properties for aerospace applications, including:

  • Unaffected lubricity and viscosity within a wide temperature range: -70 °C to 399 °C (-100°F  to 750 °F)
  • Stable physical properties over time – Krytox™ lubricants are virtually unaffected by harsh environments like shock, vibration, heat, pressure and caustic chemicals such as rocket fuels and oxidizers, as well as being radiation resistant
  • Resistance to vapor loss in a vacuum, such as during high altitude, orbit or deep space flight
  • Excellent friction-reduction characteristics provide long wear and low energy consumption
  • Compatible for use with most metals, elastomers, plastics, paints and finishes
  • Nontoxic, non-flammable, inert and non-evaporative
  • World-class technical consultation tailored to the needs of the aerospace community

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