Krytox EG 3000 Grease

Krytox EG 3000 Grease

Krytox EG 3000 Grease


EG3000 – Krytox Electronic Grade Grease  –  2 oz  $122.00

EG3000 – Krytox Electronic Grade Grease  –  8 oz  $445.00

EG3000 – Krytox Electronic Grade Grease  – .5kg  $1,090.00

EG3000 – Krytox Electronic Grade Grease  –  .8kg  $1,745.00

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Krytox EG3000 Grease - An Electronic Grade Grease

Krytox EG3000 belongs to a new line of electronics grade greases.

Krytox EG3000 is an alternative to the aerospace grade Krytox 240AD.

Electronics grade greases are drop in replacements for the Krytox 240 series and will not require re-qualification. The specifications are exactly the same.

The only difference is that these greases will not carry the MIL SPEC certification.

Krytox EG3000 Grease - Mechanical Stability

Krytox® greases have excellent mechanical stability in bearings. They do not break down under mechanical stress and lose their ability to hold oil. The greases were mixed in a grease worker for 60, 10,000, and 100,000 strokes and tested for changes in hardness. All greases tested had changes of less than 30 points on the NLGI penetration scale and were within 1/2 grade of their original starting point. Roll stability tests were performed according to ASTM D1831 for 2 hr with the 4500-lbf reference load. The penetration change was minor and was within 1/2 grade of the original starting point.

Krytox EG3000 Grease - Composition

Krytox® is a perfluoropolyether (PFPE)—also called perfluoroalkylether (PFAE) or perfluoropolyalkylether (PFPAE). Krytox® fluorinated oils are a series of low molecular weight, fluorine end-capped, homopolymers of hexafluoropropylene epoxide with the following chemical structure: F-(CF-CF2-O)n-CF2CF3 | CF3 where n = 10–60 The polymer chain is completely saturated and contains only the elements carbon, oxygen, and fluorine; hydrogen is not present. On a weight basis, a typical Krytox® oil contains 21.6% carbon, 9.4% oxygen, and 69.0% fluorine.

Krytox EG3000 Grease - Compatibility Analysis

Krytox EG 3000 is compatible with all elastomeric seal materials and engineering plastics. The limiting factor when using Krytox® with any material is the thermal stability of the elastomer or plastic. Krytox® performance lubricants are compatible with the following common elastomers and plastics:

Methyl Silicone Viton® A Fluoroelastomer
Hypalon® Synthetic Rubber Hytrel®
Polyester Elastomer
Butyl 325
Neoprene WRT
Nycar 100 (Buna N)
EPT, Peroxide Cure
Nordel® Hydrocarbon Rubber
Delrin® Acetal
Zytel® Nylon
Teflon® Fluoropolymer
Kalrez® Fluoroelastomer*
* 15–20 vol% swelling at high temperatures when immersed.

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