Nye Fluorocarbon Gel 813-1

Nye Fluorocarbon Gel 813-1

Nye Fluorocarbon Gel 813-1


NYE FLUOROCARBON GEL 813-1 100 GRAM TUBE  – 813-1-100GRT – $279.00




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Product Description


Nye Fluorocarbon Gel 813-1 - An Industry Standard

Nye Fluorocarbon Gel 813-1 is a PTFE-thickened grease frequently used to meet the wide temperature and low starting torque requirements of automotive sensors. Because of its low surface energy, the grease re-wets surfaces well and keeps a constant film of lubricant on the conductive ink.   Nye Fluorocarbon Gel 813-1 is often specified for use in potentiometers.

Nye Fluorocarbon Gel 813-1 - From A Unique Line of Lubricants

Today’s vast array of electromechanical devices in semiconductor wafer fabrication, flat panel, solar panel and LCD manufacturing equipment places increasingly challenging demands on the lubricants used to keep them running. Lubricants today must be able to handle higher loads, higher temperatures, extend component operating life and improve productivity. At the same time, they must also eliminate or minimize airborne particle and mist generation which could fog optics or contaminate wafers.

For more than 50 years, Nye has been working with NASA and leaders in the commercial aerospace industry, qualifying lubricants for mission critical components while addressing problems like outgassing, contamination, and starvation. Outgassing reduces the effectiveness of a lubricant and can contaminate nearby components.

Much of this research is now paying off in other industries where Nye is applying this technology to design lubricants for uses in components and sub-assemblies, including the automotive industry.

Nye Fluorocarbon Gel 813-1 Attributes

  • Viscosity Measurement, ASTM D2270, Viscosity Index of Base Oil, 373
  • Kinematic Viscosity at 40°C (104°F), ASTM D445, Base Oil, 53 cSt
  • Kinematic Viscosity at 100°C (212°F), ASTM D445, Base Oil, 19 cSt
  • Evaporation Loss, ASTM D972, 24 hrs, 100C, 0.10%
  • Penetration P(0), 1/10 mm, ASTM D217, 316
  • Penetration P(60), 1/10 mm, ASTM D217, 333
  • Oil Separation, FTM 719B, 321.2, 24 hrs, 100C, 4.6%
  • Maximum Service Temperature, Air, Recommended, 200°C, 392°F
  • Minimum Service Temperature, Air, Recommended, -70.0°C, -94.0°F
  • Pour Point, ASTM D97, Base Oil, -73.0°C, -99.4°F
  • Base Fluid Type, Sil. (Clrphn)
  • Gellant Type, PTFE


Nye Fluorocarbon Gel 813-1 - Certification and Ultrafiltration

Nye tests and certifies the vacuum stability (E-595) of each batch of Nye Fluorocarbon Gel 813-1. Other vacuum lubricants list only “typical properties,” which do not warrant that vapor pressure on the label matches the actual vapor pressure of the lubricant. And most often, it doesn’t.

Additionally, Nye Fluorocarbon Gel 813-1 is subjected to a proprietary “ultrafiltration process” which removes microscopic particulates and homogenizes agglomerated thickeners. It is packaged in ultraclean containers in a Class 100 (ISO Class 5) mini-environment

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