Nye Fluorosolvent 504

Nye Fluorosolvent 504

Nye Fluorosolvent 504


NYE FLUOROSOLVENT 504 F&T 1000ML BOTTLE – 504-1000ML – $440.00

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Product Description


Nye Fluorosolvent 504 - Developing a Solution

Nye Fluorosolvent 504 is part of a family of solvents that was developed to provide the full spectrum of cleaning or plating requirements for NyeTorr® and NyeClean® lubricants.

Nye Fluorosolvent 504- Solvents For In-Vacuum Lubricants

Nye Fluorosolvent 504 is a completely fluorinated, fast-evaporating “ozone-safe” solvent consisting of blended fluorinated alkanes. This solvent is effective as a dispersion and/or a cleaning agent for fluorinated (PFPE) and ADE oils and greases. Nye Fluorosolvent 504 is a clear, colorless, chemically stable and non flammable solvent.

Nye Fluorosolvent 504 - Cleaning with Nye Solvents

To expedite the cleaning process, residual lubricant should be wiped from the part using lintless tissues. Cloths rags should be avoided when possible to prevent fiber contamination. Parts can then be place in an ultrasonic filled with clean solvent. High frequency sound waves from the ultrasonic agitate the solvent to penetrate recesses in the parts. The solvent should be changed frequently. Care should be taken to avoid using the same ultrasonic to clean lubricants with different chemistries; particularly silicones. If an ultrasonic is not available, spraying the part with solvent or using a quality brush on a part immersed in solvent are two alternative cleaning options. All parts should be rinsed in clean solvent as the final step.

Nye Fluorosolvent 504 - For Removing Nye Lubricants

Nye Fluorosolvent 504 is used to clean and remove a unique line of lubricants manufactured by Nye Lubricants, Inc. of Fairhaven, Massachusetts. These lubricants have been designed for the rigorous demands of the Semiconductor Production Environment. These products have been developed with several key parameters in mind: Low Outgassing, High Temperature Stability, Aggressive Chemical Resistance, Wear Protection, and Cleanliness. The raw materials used in NyeTorr® formulations are tightly controlled on a molecular level to limit the Vapor Pressure, Outgassing, and Contamination. Nye tests and certifies the vapor pressure of each batch to guarantee that the vapor pressure on the label matches the actual vapor pressure of the lubricant. Additionally, all NyeTorr® lubricants are subjected to a proprietary “Ultrafiltration Process” which removes microscopic particulates and homogenizes agglomerated thickeners.  NyeTorr® is a registered trademark of Nye Lubricants, Inc.

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