Santovac 5 Vacuum Fluid

Santovac 5 Vacuum Fluid

Santovac 5 Vacuum Fluid


Santovac 5 Vacuum and High-Temperature Fluid

100cc/100ml  – $315.00                       500cc/500ml – $1,225.00


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SANTOVAC 5 vacuum and high-temperature fluid has exceptionally low volatility and is a thermally stable, halogen-free, clear, colorless fluid. It is extremely resistant to degradation from heat, oxygen, radiation, and chemical attack. SANTOVAC 5 is designed for applications where extreme high temperature and adverse environments are expected. It is compatible with most metals and elastomers, commonly used in high temperature applications. SANTOVAC 5 is considered essentially nontoxic, especially when proper hygienic practices are employed.


  • Exceptionally Low Volatility
  • Resists Chemical Attack
  • Resists Oxidation and Radiation Degradation
  • Reduces Noise in Many Applications
  • High Thermal Stability
  • High Refractive Index
  • Excellent Resistance to Rust And Corrosion
  • Precious Metal Protectant

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