NyeTorr 5300

NyeTorr 5300

NyeTorr 5300


NYETORR 5300 F&T  10CC  WHITE SYRINGE  – 5300-10CC – $259.00

NYETORR 5300 F&T  30CC  WHITE SYRINGE  – 5300-30CC – $479.00

NYETORR 5300 F&T  500 GRAM JAR  – 5300-500GRJ – $3,200.00


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NyeTorr 5300 - The Right Lubricant for the Right Application

NyeTorr 5300 is a PTFE thickened, heavy viscosity, perfluoropolyether grease intended for high vacuum and clean room applications, spacecraft and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

NyeTorr 5300 - From A Unique Line of Lubricants

NyeTorr 5300 comes from a unique line of lubricants manufactured by Nye Lubricants, Inc. of Fairhaven, Massachusetts. They were designed for the rigorous demands of the Semiconductor Production Environment. These products have been developed with several key parameters in mind: Low Outgassing, High Temperature Stability, Aggressive Chemical Resistance, Wear Protection, and Cleanliness. The raw materials used in NyeTorr® formulations are tightly controlled on a molecular level to limit the Vapor Pressure, Outgassing, and Contamination. Nye tests and certifies the vapor pressure of each batch to guarantee that the vapor pressure on the label matches the actual vapor pressure of the lubricant. Additionally, all NyeTorr® lubricants are subjected to a proprietary “Ultrafiltration Process” which removes microscopic particulates and homogenizes agglomerated thickeners.  NyeTorr® is a registered trademark of Nye Lubricants, Inc.

Attributes of NyeTorr 5300

  • Temperature Range (°C):  -65 to 250
  • Base Oil Chemistry: PFPE
  • Thickener Type: PTFE
  • Base Oil Viscosity - ASTM D-45 (cSt): 100°C: 45, 40°C: 140
  • NLGI Grade - ASTM D-217: 2
  • Oil Separation - ASTM D-6184 (24 hrs. 100°C): 5.8%
  • Evaporation (24 hrs, 100°C): 0.02%
  • Vacuum Stability -ASTM E-595 (% wt): TML: 0.320, CVCM: 0.045
  • Base Oil Vapor Pressure, Knudsen (25°C): 6x10-11 Torr
  • Density(g/cc, 25°C): 1.91
  • SRV Coefficient of Friction & Wear: CoF: 0.159, Ball Scar: 0.68mm
  • 4-Ball Wear - ASTM D-2266(60 min, 1200 RPM): Wear Scar: 20 kg load: 0.76mm, 40 kg load: 1.30mm
  • 4-Ball Wear - ASTM D-2266 (60 min, 1200 RPM): Coefficient of Friction: 20 kg load: 0.124, 40 kg load: 0.103
  • Low Temperature Torque ASTM D-1478(gm-cm,  -25°C): Starting: 236, 10-min run: 142
  • Microscopic Particulate Contamination (FTM 791, 3005.3): <300 Particles/cc, 35 μm


NyeTorr 5300 - Certification and Ultrafiltration

Nye tests and certifies the vacuum stability (E-595) of each batch of NyeTorr 5300. Other vacuum lubricants list only “typical properties,” which do not warrant that vapor pressure on the label matches the actual vapor pressure of the lubricant. And most often, it doesn’t.

Additionally, NyeTorr 5300 is subjected to a proprietary “ultrafiltration process” which removes microscopic particulates and homogenizes agglomerated thickeners. It is packaged in ultraclean containers in a Class 100 (ISO Class 5) mini-environment.

NyeTorr-5300 SDS